Home SCUD Battery Company Ltd. is a mobile phone battery and power bank manufacturer and supplier based in China. We provide a wide range of Li-ion battery products that are applicable to a variety of mobile phones, such as Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia Phone, Sony Phone, LG, Huawei, ZTE, and Mi Phones.

About Us SCUD adheres to the business purpose of building win-win relationships with our customers and suppliers so we can all grow. We are committed to building a harmonious society with shareholders, employees, and the public. In 2004, SCUD received the title of "China famous brand", in 2005 we received the title of "Most valuable brand in China", and in 2006 we obtained "Famous trademark of China".


Li-ion Mobile Phone Battery The Li-ion mobile phone battery produced by our company is totally new and has no defects in either material or workmanship. Used or refurbished products can never be found in our company, so customers can feel secure in purchasing SCUD products. When the mobile phone is out of power, the Li-ion battery allows the phone to keep on fulfilling the user's communication needs. This handy product is now perfectly used as a backup or replacement of the original one.

Mobile Phone Battery for Samsung This mobile phone battery is applicable to Samsung phone, which has first-class appearance and moderate cost performance. Due to the good screen, stylish design, and relative complete functions, the phone is more suitable for the business people. This group of people generally uses the phone a lot, so they have high requirements on the power. Universal Samsung users believe that the service life of Samsung original battery is short.

EB504465VU EB483450VU BST4389BE AB553850DC AB503442CE AB503442BE AB503445BE AB533640CE AB603443CE AB494051BE AB474350BE AB474350CE AB663450CC EB564465LU AB653850CC EB555157VA EB575152VU EB-F1A2GBU EB424255VU EB404465VA AB483640BC AB403450BC EB494353VU EB494358VU AB553443CC AB463651BE ABCW579KBC BST3108BC / AB463446BC AB653039CC EB484659VU EB454357VU EB-L1D7IBA EB-L1F2HVU EB615268VU AB394235CE EB464358VU EB445163VU EB535151VU EB-L1G6LLU EB425161LU

Mobile Phone Battery for HTC Our mobile phone battery can be applied to different models of HTC phones. It is well known that this phone has good functions and reliable quality, as well as mostly adopts large touch screen. At first, most of HTC phones are equipped with Windows Mobile system, which has high requirements on hardware. This allows the phone to enjoy high-end hardware configuration, but high-frequency and low-speed in most cases. Although the speed is slow, the function is quite comprehensive due to the high performance of WM system. The increased configuration of WM phone certainly leads to fast speed but large power consumption.

ST26A GENE160 HTABB1 KAIS160 EXCA160 LIBR160 TRIN160 DREA160 BB00100(SCL-G6AH) BB00100(SCL-G8A) BG86100 /BGB6100 BH06100 DIAM160 NIKI160 ARTE160 ELF0160(SCL-S1AH) ELF0160(SCL-S700AH) BG32100 JADE160 TOPA160 BB92100 RH0D160 BLAC160 BB81100 BD42100 BD29100 BH39100 BD26100 BB99100 BG58100 BTR6425B BB96100/BG32100/ BH11100

Cell Phone Battery for Blackberry This cell phone battery is suitable for Blackberry, which plays an important role in our daily life. If a person someday forgot to bring the phone when going out, it would not only greatly affect his or her own communications, but delay the work at hand. As long as you have a little attention to the street shooting of the Hollywood stars, it is not difficult to find them seem to be carrying a Blackberry. Even U.S. President Barack Obama insists bringing this phone into the White House. So, keep the Blackberry online is very important. At this time, lasting power is needed.

C-M2 C-S2 C-X2 M-S1 D-X1 F-S1 J-M1

Cell Phone Battery for Motorola Our cell phone battery is applicable to a variety of Motorola phones, which are favored in the market because of their high quality. This type of phone now mainly uses Android as the main operating system. With high hardware configuration, the smoothness of the phone can be ensured. This also has high demands on the power. SCUD product can exactly offer ultrahigh power to ensure smooth operation of the phone.

SNN5683A(SCL-A760AH) SNN5683A(SCL-A780AH) BC70 OM5B BN70 BC50 BC60 BH5X BH6X BF5X BN80 BT60 BT50 BR50 BX40 OM6C BS6X BF6X HW4X

Rechargeable Battery for Nokia Phone The rechargeable battery can match with Nokia phone, which mainly utilizes Symbian system at first and now tends to Windows Phone operating system. This kind of phone comes with the advantage of high impact resistance, long standby time, and good process quality. With enough capacity and good quality, SCUD product can provide ultra long standby time for Nokia phones.


Rechargeable Battery for Sony Phone Our rechargeable battery can be suited for Sony phone, which generally enjoys fashionable appearance. The phone can be used as an entertainment device which has powerful game and music functions. All these functions have to be supported by adequate power. SCUD rechargeable battery is designed completely in accordance with the performance parameters of the original one, trying to make customer satisfied in the aspect of capacity, cycle time and workmanship. With powerful energy capacity, the product allows Sony phone to keep alive all the time.

BST-36 BST-37 BST-33 BA750 BA700 BST-43 BST-38 BST-30 EP500 BST-41 BST-39 BA600

Mobile Phone Battery for LG Our mobile phone battery can be used in LG phone, which is especially favored by female users because of its beautiful and cool appearance. Generally speaking, the original product just supports one or two days of working and its performance is usually unstable. However, the quality of the SCUD mobile phone battery for LG is much higher than the original one, so that it can effectively extend the standby time of the phone.


Mobile Phone Battery for Huawei Our mobile phone battery can well match with Huawei cell phone, which is manufactured based on Huawei's strong technical strength. Offering OEM or even ODM services, Huawei is engaged in brand operation. At first, Huawei produces local area network (LAN) devices instead of end products such as mobile phones. Finally, mainly bound with communications operators, their cell phones are certainly available in free call charges.


Cell Phone Battery for ZTE Our cell phone battery is applicable to ZTE, which is a famous Chinese phone brand with high cost performance. It is available in Android system, offering good touch effect, as well as smooth and easy operation. In addition, the phone is suitable for primary and intermediated players and those who have no strict requirements on the appearance. Compared to the original one, our cell phone battery for ZTE is cheaper but the quality is almost the same. Hence, it is widely used in standby power applications and is extensively accepted by consumers demanding high quality and economically priced product.

Li3715T42P3h654251 Li3715T42P3h654353 Li3712T42P3h444865 Li3713T42P3h415266 Li3709T42P3h564146 Li3711T42P3h654246 Li3715T42P3h504857 Li3716T42P3h565751 Li3719T42P3h644161 Li3716T42P3h594650

Rechargeable Battery for Mi Phone Our rechargeable battery for Mi phone can effectively solve the large power consumption problem of Mi phone. According to the feedback of most Mi fans, the original battery of this smart phone is quite not durable, so it generally needs to be charged once a day. However, the actual capacity of SCUD product can ensure at least 2-3 days standby time, and can provide enough power to support the normal use of Mi phone.


Li-ion / Li-Polymer Power Bank 1. The small Li-ion or Li-Polymer power bank is easy to be put in the pocket.
2. The product comes with LED power indication.
3. It can be turned on or off through the control of one button.
4. With built-in cell, the Li-polymer battery is not likely to explode.

Mobile Battery 1. This portable power supply unit has fashionable appearance and light weight.
2. The product comes with LED lighting function.
3. It can support mini USB input and standard USB output.
4. It is available in pink, white and black piano lacquer.

Emergency Power Supply The emergency power supply can be used for charging mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy 3 and iPhone, as well as iPad, iPod and more.

External Battery The external battery is applicable to iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, among others. This portable power supply unit is designed with fashionable appearance and is available in colors of silver and brown. Supporting micro USB input and standard USB output, the external battery has a long life cycle of 500 times.

Mobile Power Supply 1. Due to the light weight, this fashionably designed product is portable for use.
2. It is characterized by large capacity and long life-cycle.
3. This power supply unit is equipped with a power indicator for convenient use.
4. It comes with mini USB port input and double standard USB ports output.

Portable Power Charger Our portable power charger can be used for charging iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other electronic products. Adopting stylish appearance, this power supply unit is available in white color. A build-in LED light is used to indicate the power status. Micro USB input and standard USB output are both provided. In general, the portable power charger comes with a long life-cycle of 500 times.

Universal Portable Power Charger The universal portable power charger can be used to charge lots of electric products, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Samsung phones, and more.

Li-ion Power Bank 1. Battery Cell: Panasonic Li-Ion UR18650ZY
2. Capacity: 5000mAh
3. Input: DC5V, 1A
4. Output: DC5V, Max 1.5A

Portable Power Supply Unit The portable power supply unit is suitable for Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and much more.

Power Bank 1. Battery cell: Panasonic cell
2. Capacity: 10000mAh
3. Input: DC5V, 1A
4. Output: DC5V, Max 1A

Wireless Charger

Scud WR01 Wireless Charger Connector for Mobile PhoneSocket type: Universal
Application: Mobile phone
Input: Qi standard

Scud WR02 Qi Standard Portable Power BankThis Scud WR02 Qi standard portable power bank is commonly adaptable for Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, iPhone5, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One and other smart phones.

Scud WR03 Qi Standard Portable Power BankEquipped with cable, this Scud WR03 Qi standard portable power bank is suitable for charging diversified smart phones. Moreover, it can get the power supply through wireless charging. With a wireless charger for charging the product at hand, it is needless for users to carry the cable everywhere.

Scud WR06 Wireless Charger Receiver for S3The Scud WR06 wireless charger receiver for S3 performs consistently with the Qi standard, with the Qi mark on it. Specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 for easy charging, this product is a tiny auxiliary gadget of wireless charger.

Scud WR08 Wireless Charger Receiver for Note 2The Wireless Power Consortium is constituted in December, 2008 to implement the Qi global standard for wirelessly charging electronic product. There are more than 140 members in it and a large amount of leaders of different industries are included, such as companies of mobile phone, consumer electronics, battery, semiconductor...

Scud WS001 Qi Standard Wireless Charger 1.The Scud WS001 Qi standard wireless charger utilizes the free positioning design with moving coil, conforming to the Qi standard.
2. If there is a device placed on, it is able to detect the coil of the transmitter, which will be correctly aligned with the position of the receiver coil.

OEM Business In virtue of the excellent quality of the "SCUD" brand, as well as the leading technology in rechargeable batteries production, the company has won a good reputation in the Chinese market. With great experiences in cooperation with global mobile phone manufacturers, SCUD has obtained much reputation in the world. In addition to Huawei and ZTE, SCUD has also built strong business relationships with BBK, Foxconn and Panasonic.

Cell Business SCUD Group successfully realized acquisition of Shenzhen Hongde Battery Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Nalon Battery Co., Ltd. in April 2010 and December 2011 respectively. Both of these two companies have professional and experienced research and development team, advanced production and testing equipment and strict quality assurance system.

Service We offer paid samples or a certain amount of free samples for parts of our mobile phone batteries. The freight of samples is borne by the customer. 0.5% spare parts are also provided. We will arrange the shipment in 10-15 working days after receiving the 30% advance payment.

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