Scud WR08 Wireless Charger Receiver for Note 2

Product Detail
1. Technical Features

Use: Mobile phone
Input: DC5.0V 1A
Max. Output: DC5.0V 1.5A
Net weight: 5g
Dimension: 63mm×46mm×1mm
Color: Red

2. Packaging and Delivery
Packaging Packed in paper box
Delivery 20 working days after the details of order are confirmed
3. Product Description
Scud WR08 Wireless Charger Receiver for Note 2

This Scud WR08 wireless charger receiver for Note 2 is an excellent product complying with the Qi standard, suitable for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100. It is thin, tiny and easy for operation. With this gadget pasted on the top of the battery only, the contactor of the Note 2 in the middle of right side has to be connected to the contactor of our product. The preparation for installation is done and then it will works in seconds.

About Qi Standard and the Wireless Power Consortium
The Wireless Power Consortium is constituted in December, 2008 to implement the Qi global standard for wirelessly charging electronic product. There are more than 140 members in it and a large amount of leaders of different industries are included, such as companies of mobile phone, consumer electronics, battery, semiconductor, components, wireless power technology and infrastructure like wireless operator, furniture and automotive parts. The Qi compliant products are popularized in the United States, Asia Pacific region and Europe.

Charging Procedures
1.Firstly, users prepare the necessary devices including the wireless charger receiver, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the selected Qi enabled wireless charger Scud WS001 at random.
2. Take off the back cover of the Note 2.
3. Place the product on the top of the battery and get the contactor of the Note 2 in the middle of right side connected to the contactor of the product.
4. Remove the sticker label to make sure the product is tightly connected with the Note 2.
5. The pre-installation of the product is accomplished as the following picture shows.
6. Get the cover back to the phone and users are allowed to charge the phone directly with the wireless charger.

Key Features
1.The Scud WR08 wireless charger receiver is specially designed for Samsung Note II.
2. The simple installation of the product can be finished in five steps.
3. The cell phone placed on the wireless charging pad is charged without excessive cables.
4. Due to the ultrathin design, this 1mm thick product is available in charging the phone without changing the back structure of the phone.
5. Subjected to the Qi certification, this wireless charger receiver can be detected at the WPC website.
6. It is compatible with any wireless charging devices with Qi mark.

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