Scud WR02 Qi Standard Portable Power Bank

Technical Features
Dimension: 70.2mm×63.5mm×23.8mm
Capacity: 5400mAh (20Wh)
Max. Input: DC5.0V 1A
Max. Output: DC5.0V 1.5A
Function: Qi enabled
Cell: Panasonic 18650
Net weight: 154.4g
Gross weight: 201.1g
Working temperature: 0℃~40℃ or 32~104℉
Charging time: 7h
Color: Black, white and pink

Packaging and Delivery
Packaging Packed in paper box
Delivery20 working days after the details of order are confirmed

This Scud WR02 Qi standard portable power bank is commonly adaptable for Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, iPhone5, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One and other smart phones.

Scud WR02 Qi Standard Portable Power Bank

This product is suitable for charging diversified smart phones via cables. It can be also charged by the wireless charger without cables. Even though users have no cable at hand, this product can come in handy, capable of charging the Qi compliant device with the wireless charger.

Our portable power bank is convenient to carry with or keep in house. Varying in three colors including black, white and pink, it is installed with Panasonic 18650 cell inside to keep safe charging of phones and the Qi mark can be seen on the top right of the product.

About Qi Standard and the Wireless Power Consortium
The Wireless Power Consortium is constituted in December 2008 to implement the Qi global standard for wirelessly charging electronic product. There are more than 140 members in it and a large amount of leaders of different industries are included, such as companies of mobile phone, consumer electronics, battery, semiconductor, components, wireless power technology and infrastructure like wireless operator, furniture and automotive parts. The Qi compliant products are popularized in the United States, Asia Pacific region and Europe.

Usage Instruction
1.AC adapter charging
The portable power bank allows to be connected to the AC adapter for safe charging.

2. Wireless charger charging (e.g. Scud wireless charger WS001 as showed in the following pictures)
Placed on the top of the wireless charger WS001, this product will be detected for seconds and then its red light on the top right will shine. It means the product is at the charging state. When the product is fully charged, its light will turn green and the wireless charger will turn off automatically with its light off.
3. Charging for smart phone
After the portable power bank is connected to the smart phone via cables, it will start to charge the phone instantly with the button beside the indicator light pressed. After 2 to 3 times, the phone will be fully charged by this product.
Charging for Samsung Charging for Nokia

Key Features
1.This portable power bank has gotten the Qi certificate.
2. It offers precise power indication.
3. When the charging is finished, this product will turn off automatically.
4. Due to double USB output ports, it is capable of charging two devices simultaneously.
5. Our product generates low electromagnetic wave interfere to the phone at calling state.
6. With low self-discharging rate, this portable power bank is able to keep standby for three months if it is fully charged.
7. Owing to the ability to monitor cells and PCM temperature, this product offers automatic stop when the temperature reaches the critical value.
8. It is configured with MCU inside to protect itself from overcharging, over-discharging, overheat and short circuit.
9. Every product can’t be put into the market until it is qualified in more than 60 tests.

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Package and Accessories
1.WR02 product×1
2. Micro USB cable
3. User manual×1
4. Paper box for retails

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